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Booklets and Handouts

Small books with big tools!

Each of these booklets contain valuable information for progressing on your healing and personal development journey. You can download a FREE copy of the booklets below. They are very short and not comprehensive of the topic they are presenting. They are meant to provide you with basic information and simple tools. Refer to the resources in the back of each booklet to learn more about the topic and it's potentially wide application in your life.


How to Cope with Unexpected Events

Unexpected events happen to each of us throughout our lives. When these events are overwhelming or stressful, it can take time to process them and recover. This handout will help you understand what to expect, how to help yourself heal, and when to seek professional help.

Strategies for Thriving: Conquering the Effects of Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

This resource is designed for those who are serving our community as counselors, pastors, first responders, medical professionals, and in many other industries.

Internal Communication When Dissociated: Having a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

This resource is designed for individuals who are dealing with dissociation due to childhood abuse. Internal Communication is only a small aspect of your healing journey, but it is a vital one! Use caution whenever beginning this process, and consult a ccounselor or educated prayer minister if you encounter difficulty. If reading this booklet overwhelms you, please stop reading and contact a support person.

Grounding Techniques: Staying in the Moment when Depression and Anxiety is high

This resource is designed for those who are trying to manage depression and anxiety. These strategies are for managing symptoms. To find a counselor to help you heal visit our Community Resource page.

Small Habits For Greater Emotional Healing and Growth

There are so many big things that need healing when you have experienced trauma or abuse. Thankfully, God wired us to be able to grow and heal through some simple steps. If you are on a healing journey or just trying to increase your emotional capacity to do the hard things in life, this resource is for you!

Check back regularly as we are continually updating our library of booklets!

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