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Community Caregivers

Our cities are filled with people tending to the safety and health of our community. Pastors, counselors, medical professionals, first responders, teachers, social workers, and many others serve our community diligently. You are the Caregivers of our Community, and we desire for you to feel refreshed, encouraged, and valued. Below are some resources with you in mind!

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**Special thanks to Olathe Chaplains, KC DreamCenter, Lenexa Police Department, Lenexa Fire Department, Bryan Vignery, Lorna Jarrett of Pneuma Pilates & Fitness, Ryan Burnett (photographer), Life.Church, and others who made this picture possible! You are each part of the heart and soul of the Kansas City Community, and we are honored to serve alongside of you!**

Resources specific to your industry

Click below to find a list of resources specific to your field of work.

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First Responders

Police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, EMS, and chaplains can find resources here.

Nurse and Patient

Physical Health Providers

Medical professionals, fitness instructors, dieticians, and others who help maintain the physical health of our community can find resources here.

Woman with Bible

Christian Leaders

Pastors and other church leaders, prayer ministers, and biblical counselors can find resources here.

Online counselling

Mental Health Professionals

Professional counselors, marriage therapists, art therapists, support group leaders, social workers, and others who care for the mental health needs of our community can find resources here.

Trauma Healing Center

What we are doing at the
Trauma Healing Center

Melissa and Stefanie are excited to serve the Caregivers of our Community in new and exciting ways. Below you will find some of the services we have to offer you and your staff. For more details on training opportunities, visit our Safe Harbor page.

General Resources for
Community Caregivers

It takes courage to care for the safety and health of our community, but it also takes support and resources. Here are a few resources available to you.

Trauma-Informed Training

One of our goals at the Trauma Healing Center is to create a standardized level of care in the Kansas City area for working with trauma. This doesn't mean we all use the same approach, but it does mean our community as a whole approaches individuals who are healing and recovery with a consistent level of care and understanding. To this end, we have developed a Safe Harbor program are offering support and free trauma-informed trainings for you and your staff! We can prepare your organization to recognize signs of trauma, respond well to trauma survivors, and implement short-term and long-term interventions for these individuals and families. 

Visit our Safe Harbor page or contact our director Melissa Finger for more information:

Personal Assessments

Sometimes you may not have the specific resources needed for people in your care. In this case, you can refer them to the Trauma Healing Center. We have a detailed page full of resources for people dealing with a wide variety of issues.

Visit our Community Resource Page for resources for the people you serve.

Other Support Available

Our desire is to connect you with the resources you need to strengthen you and your staff and to increase the number of people that you are able to serve! We have so many amazing resources here in the Kansas City area, and together, we can make our community one of greater healing and recovery for all. 

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on our website, please complete THIS FORM. We value your feedback!

We can to come to your office for training and support, or we would be happy to host your team at our place! 

Trauma Healing Center, Inc.
Community and Training Center
601 N Mur-Len Rd, Suite 4
Olathe, KS 66062

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