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Crisis Intervention for Ministries and Organizations

We specialize in assisting ministries, nonprofits, and other organizations heal and grow after an internal crisis.


Unfortunately, unexpected, devastating events happen every day. Sometimes these events take place within a ministry or organization. When these happens, the leaders of these communities are faced with emotional, mental health, and spiritual needs for themselves and for the people they serve. 

An unexpected illness or death of a leader, an organizational or ministry split, or even an act of violence against or within the community can send ripples of shock and trauma throughout the members of that community. We are here to help. As experts in trauma care and crisis intervention, we can help the leaders of the ministry or organization prioritize care for their staff, volunteers, and the people they serve. 

Over the past five years, we have been involved with several organizations who have experienced great loss and pain within their community. It has been our honor and privilege to walk alongside them as they heal and grow. Leadership of these organizations have been able to rely on us to help them:


* meet with leaders of different departments to help them debrief and to discuss healthy steps forward

* help leaders make a plan to debrief their community on the events,

* equip leaders for talking with their community from a trauma-informed and biblical perspective,

* coach leaders on self-care and recognizing their own trauma symptoms,

* facilitate group meetings to coach their community through the healing process, and

*a variety of other services as needed


These services give the leadership, staff, and the people they serve an opportunity to process the events impacting their community, and to find a way to heal and move forward.


Should you experience a crisis within your ministry or organization, we would be honored to care for you and your community as well.

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A note of appreciation from one of the ministries we have assisted...

Dear Trauma Healing Center of Kansas City!


Thank you so very much for guiding our organization through recent tragic events that affected so many. Your one on one therapy, group debrief and what to expect sessions were all invaluable in helping me lead my team of 500 with a range of needs through a post-traumatic healing process. Your availability and patience with our whole team was phenomenal. Because of you, we all feel empowered and hopeful about how to support our teammates and ourselves as we move forward. Your work has had an enormous, positive impact on our work community as well as the community we serve. Keep it up!


If you are the leader of a ministry or organization in crisis, you can contact us using the form below. The services we offer vary based on your situation. 

Thanks for submitting your request. Someone will contact you soon.
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