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First Responders


Police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, and chaplains are all on the front lines helping to maintain safety and limit crime in our community. THANK YOU! Your work is hard, and we want to support you any way we can.

The resources you find below will be focused on:

*  implementing self-care and personal growth to avoid burnout and
*  incorporating trauma sensitive approaches with the people in your care.

**Special thanks to the Lenexa Police Department and the Lenexa Fire Department for representing first responders in our community. Also, special thanks to Ryan Burnett (photographer) and Life.Church Lenexa for sponsoring our photo shoot!**

Resources for First Responders

First Responder
Peer Support

The mission of First Responders Support Team Midwest is to provide educational programs, to  promote healthy development following stress and critical incidents  experienced by first responders and their families including  collaboration with culturally competent mental health professionals. 

Check the resources they have to support you in your work at their website