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Collaboration is KEY!

Building up our community one organization at a time

We believe in the power of collaboration in strengthening and building the health of our community. This is why we partner with organizations locally, nationally, and abroad! Each organization is very different in their beliefs and services, but together, we can reach more people and bring greater stability and healing to our communities. As we work together and support each other, we will see a difference in our communities and in the people we serve.

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Our Story

Collaboration is a powerful word that means working together for a shared purpose. As a Trauma Healing Center, Inc. our purpose is to bring a greater healing to the Kansas City area. This is done in many ways. Our goals are to help train, educate, and support those who share this goal and mission. Our beliefs, values, or methods may vary with other organizations, but our purpose is shared! We believe as we support each other, we will see these mutual purposes fulfilled! THIS is the power of COLLABORATION!

Meet just a few of the organizations we work with and hear what they have to say about the Trauma Healing Center!

What professionals are saying about the training they receive from the Trauma Healing Center:


The passion for strengthening the greater understanding of ethical considerations for working with trauma survivors was most impactful to me. Thank you for your support of trauma survivors and their recovery.”

DID Trainer Stefanie Hinman

You presented this with excellence! Your presentation style, pace, connecting, and content – we are blessed to be in community with you!

Photo Jul 23 2023, 7 13 24 AM.jpg

I haven’t stopped talking about [the conference] since I left yesterday!! Everything was amazing! Content, delivery, depth & breadth of knowledge from presenters. This is must-have presentation for ALL clinicians!

Testimony from one of our community groups....

"Having a safe space to be seen, heard, understood, and valued has been an integral part of my healing journey. I am incredibly grateful to the Trauma Healing Center for facilitating our LifeGroup so we can receive the much needed support and love of a community of like-minded women."

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The following provide financial support for the Trauma Healing Center:

Ronald D. Deffenbaugh, Sr. Foundation


Generous Individual Donors

Your donation makes it possible for us to help train, educate, and respond to the needs of the ministries and organizations in our community who are bringing safety, growth, and healing to the people they serve. Our services to them are free of charge! We are also able to serve individuals in our community who need specialized care by offering in-house support services and area resources for their healing journey. These services are also offered free of charge! As you give, we are able to grow the services we offer and improve the way we assist people all over Kansas City! 

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