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Green Garden
In-House Services: Welcome

In-House Services

While a large portion of our work will be done through Community Partners, we will have some services that will be offered in-house by the Trauma Healing Center and our Leadership Team. The services described below will be launched with the opening of the Trauma Healing Center.

Open House

Community Support

When our building is complete, we will have a beautiful community space with a library, fireplace, and individuals prayer rooms. This community space will be connected to a large Scripture Garden where you can walk, pray, or spend a few quiet moments sitting in the sunshine. We will have our Community Space open on designated Open House days for you to come and enjoy!

Coming Soon

Community Events

Healing in Community

We believe in the importance of healing within a community. God designed us for relationship with others, and we believe it is important to support and encourage one another both professionally and personally. 

Our Community Events may include such events as:

* Conferences, seminars, and workshops

* Praise and Worship nights

* Support Groups

* Social Gatherings 

Coming Soon

Professional Development

Supporting our Community

We desire to connect organizations in the community with resources to assist them in meeting their goals. To assist other organizations in working with their population, we will offer their employees and volunteers:

* Training and education: on research-based approaches, trauma-informed care, and spiritual growth 

* Wellness/Self-Care days/retreats

* Materials to distribute to clientele 

Coming Soon

Supporting people in the pursuit of healing using solid biblical principles, research-based interventions, and connection to community resources.


Contact Trauma Healing Center, Inc.

601 North Mur-Len Rd, Suite 4, Olathe, KS 66062


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