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Building Bounce: How to Grow Emotional Resilience

by Marcus Warner & Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

Let’s face it: Life is hard. We all get overwhelmed at times.
But some people seem to bounce back from their upset emotions faster than most.
Are they just born happy? Or is there a secret to building emotional resilience that anyone can learn?
Building Bounce explains the theory behind growing emotional resilience and provides practical tools you can use in a variety of settings, such as growing your own emotional capacity, parenting children in ways that build joy, and helping others who live low-joy lives learn the skills that grow joy. The good news is that wherever you are starting this journey, growth is possible. People used to believe we were victims of the wiring in our brains. We now know that our brains can be rewired. In Building Bounce you will learn how to train your brain by building habits that increase your ability to bounce back from the hard things in life.


Building Bounce: Daily Journal and Group Discussion Guide

by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

This Journal is written as a companion resource to the book Building Bounce, by Marcus Warner and Stefanie Hinman. If you are looking for practical ways to integrate the content of Building Bounce into your life, this is the resource for you. It provides readers with daily journaling opportunities and group discussion questions for small group discussion.
This resource was written by Stefanie Hinman (Board-Certified Art Therapist, Board-Certified Christian Counselor), co- author of Building Bounce and founder of Healing Expressions, LLC.


Building Bounce With Kids: A Faith Based Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilient Kids

by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

In Building Bounce with Kids, twenty-five-year counselor, therapist, and trauma-expert Stefanie Hinman takes us on a no-nonsense journey through the ins and outs of responding to trauma per the latest neuroscience and her own years of experience and research. Written simple and easy to understand, you will finish this book with a robust understanding of how to build strong, healthy attachments with children and walk with them through difficult emotions.


Building Bounce WITH KIDS: Program Manual

by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

Building Bounce WITH KIDS is a faith-based, trauma-informed approach to teaching kids the skills that build bounce. This manual contains fun and creative ways of teaching resiliency skills, engaging both the head and the heart through the hands. Skills are presented through metaphor and story then processed through art and creative expression. This resource was written by Stefanie Hinman (Board-Certified Art Therapist and Christian Counselor), founder of Healing Expressions, LLC where she works with individuals, families, and organizations in the areas of trauma healing, crisis intervention, and building resilient kids, families, and communities.


Building Resilient Kids: Program Manual

by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

This trauma-informed resource teaches the skills that build resilience. This program is designed to be used with small groups of 6-8 kids and set up in a train-the-trainer format. Healing Expressions provides training for anyone looking to start a Building Resilient Kids program. For more information on the train-the-trainer program see the website


by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

Milly's Big Rescue is a story about the power of connection in building faith and overcoming fear. Three friends are sent on a mission to rescue a lost shimmer from the Forest of Forgetfulness. They must stick together and take their thoughts captive if they are to overcome the perils of the forest.


The Amazing Marvelous Milly: Discovers who she was created to be

by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

The Amazing Marvelous Milly tells the story of Milly, a young shimmer, who falls into an identity-altering trap and forgets who she was created to be. She hides her true self away for many years, afraid to be seen. When Milly realizes that she is trapped in her own self-protection, she tries to get free. Unable to rescue herself, Milly calls out for help and finds hope in her Papa's love. Milly goes on a journey of learning to see herself as she truly is so that she can fully be all that she was created to be.


by Stefanie Hinman MS-ATR-BC BCCC

Come join Sir Robert and the beautiful Lady Abigail as they give a tour of this journey called grief. They have learned much from the children who have visited the Peaceful Palace over the years. They will answer common questions and help give ideas for coping with the many emotions that come with loss.


Trauma Coping System: Dissociation as a Response to Pain and Intolerable Conflict (Trauma Coping System: Tools for Healing Dissociation)

by Melissa Finger, M.S.

Dissociation is a God-made tool given those who are overwhelmed with pain (emotional or physical). When that overwhelm happens in childhood, a Trauma Coping System may develop. This system assists the child in coping when trauma is happening. Once the child is out of the traumatic situation, or when they reach adulthood, the Trauma Coping System can make life difficult. They may experience confusing feelings, racing thoughts, anxiety, or depression. Learn the basics of the Trauma Coping System, as well as the basic elements needed for complete healing and restoration.


Trauma Coping System Devotional: Submitting My Journey to the Lord

by Melissa Finger, M.S.

Bringing complete healing to your Trauma Coping System is a complex process. Thankfully, your Heavenly Father knows what you need, you simply need to continue to surrender each aspect of your journey to the Lord. This 31-Day Devotional will guide you in understanding and submitting your healing journey to God. Each day you will have a verse and a healing statement to repeat throughout the day to bring you into alignment with God's truth and His promises for your life


More Than Meets the Eye

by Melissa Finger, M.S.

Cindy questioned every aspect of her life. Living as a Christian shouldn't be this hard, should it? Her mind was flooded every day with thoughts of fear and inadequacy, and it all seemed to stem from great darkness hovering over her memories of childhood. Little did she know, an army of angels led by Michael, a mighty warrior for the kingdom of God, had been dispatched from heaven and were fighting for her freedom. But her connection to the darkness was strong, and her faith felt so very weak. How could she ever truly be free?


War Strategy

by Melissa Finger, M.S.

This is Book Two in a fiction-based trilogy about an intense healing journey for a woman raised under the wide of conditions. Cindy had lived her entire life in the shadows of her painful childhood. She desperately wanted to live a life free from pain and trauma, but it was all she had ever known. Could there really be freedom from this terrible evil? Could her life ever be more than just surviving? Would the angelic guard assigned to keep her safe be enough to protect her from the building threat of shame and fear? Only God knows if the story of her past and the hope of her future will be able to come together into a solid identity in Christ for today.

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