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Our Services

Our vision is to see Kansas City become a recognized place of healing both locally and abroad. To do that we have to start by assisting individuals in healing from trauma, partnering with other helping agencies in our community to support their efforts, and providing personal and professional support to the thousands of Community Caregivers serving our area. Here are some of the ways we are meeting those goals:

Therapy session

Personal Assessments

While the Trauma Healing Center does not offer individual therapy sessions, we are connected with many amazing organizations who do. Our free one-on-one Personal Assessment will match you with some of the best resources here in the Kansas City area.

Education & Outreach

Research has found that, 81% of clinicians believe that more training in working with trauma would be beneficial. This is not only true for the mental health field, but for many people across all helping agencies. This is why we offer free trauma-informed training to organizations who would benefit from more tools and a deeper understanding of healing trauma.


Community Development

Relational connection is genuinely challenging for Community Caregivers such as first responders, pastors, counselors, teachers, and others. Calendars are full and workloads are heavy, but most would agree that healthy connections are essential for the work we do. This is why we launched our Appreciation Project and Open House Days.

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