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Resource List by Service

Click on the link below to download a PDF

We have many great resources here in the Kansas City area to help individuals, heal, grow, and develop a closer walk with the Lord. We would like to share those resources with you! Use the links below to download a PDF with services available to help you meet your personal goals.

No single organization is a match for everyone. If you are seeking help, and you do not find a good fit, keep trying! You are worth it!

PLEASE NOTE: While we are not responsible for the quality of care you may receive at these organizations, we have have seen each of these organizations help people heal and recover from life's challenges.


Trauma comes in many different forms and may occur at any age.


Some may be dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, maybe a house fire or car accident, a recent diagnosis of terminal illness, or even the sudden loss of employment. While others may be working through trauma from the past such as childhood abuse, witnessing violence, or the confusing dynamics of a dysfunctional family of origin.


Current abuse, bullying, loss of a parent or caregiver, or many other traumas impact children every day. It is essential that children who have encountered a traumatic situation not only find help to heal, but also gain the developmental and emotional skills that are often missed during these traumatic events.


Whatever the trauma, our desire is to connect those dealing with painful circumstances with services that best match their needs for healing and recovery. Our services will include both in-house services and access to a network of organizations that provide services to assist individuals in the many challenges faced while recovering from both a past and a current a traumatic event. 

Our programs will be designed to equip adults and children with resources needed to:

*  heal from hurts and wounds

*  increase resiliency and 

*  improve their quality of life.

Assessment & Referral

Help in the Journey

One of our trained professionals will complete an assessment of need for the individual, family, or child seeking help. Upon completion of the assessment, we will make recommendations to programs both in-house and within the community which provide: 

* Education: for topics such as mental illness, spiritual warfare, and basic life skills

* Restoration services: counseling, prayer ministry, or psychiatric services (as available)

* Support: crisis response, training, support groups, and community events

* Re-integration services: residential, mentoring programs, and wraparound care

(NOTE: Not all of these services may be available at the time of the assessment.)

Crisis Response

Healing in Community

We believe in the importance of healing within a community. In the event of a community crisis such as a natural disaster, act of violence, or other instance of shared community pain, we will form a Crisis Response Team to assist in the healing and recovery process. In cooperation with first responders, social workers, or other professionals, we will utilize our Community Partners to provide services such as: 

* Emotional Support: counseling and prayer ministry

* Basic Needs: food pantries, clothing pantries, and housing needs

* Social Support: support groups designed in response to the specific crisis

These services and others that may be available will allow survivors, leaders, and support people to connect, process the event, and encourage one another. 

(NOTE: not all services mentioned may be available.)

Coming Soon

In-House Services

Supporting our Community

In addition to utilizing the many resources available in our community, we will also offer services in-house. Trauma mitigation and trauma healing services for adults and children including art therapy, resiliency building curriculum, grief counseling, and crisis response services.  It is our strong belief that we must not just offer healing and recovery but we must also work to mitigate the causes of the trauma. These services will be facilitated by our Leadership Team which consists of:

* Seek First Ministries, Inc. 

* Healing Expressions 

Safe Harbors KC

Resources for the Severely Wounded

Within our community we have a high percentage of those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse. Their needs for healing and restoration are often unique and require specialized training. We are developing a list of organizations locally and abroad who can provide trauma-informed care to these individuals.

Coming Soon
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