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Personal Assessments - Coming Soon!

This week, we are excited to introduce our Personal Assessments to the community! Individuals and churches may be the two aspects of the community who will benefit most from our Personal Assessments. I recently spoke with a pastor regarding their ability to help those in need of mental health support within their congregation. He was somewhat new to the area, and he said there was only one counselor he felt comfortable referring people to. When I introduced him to our Personal Assessment program, he was very excited to know this would eventually be an option.

This pastor’s story is not unlike many others. While some churches have excellent in-house resources for counseling, most do not. The Trauma Healing Center desires to be a resource for these churches. When a person from their congregation is struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, marital problems, or other difficulties, the church can refer them to the Healing Center for an assessment. One of our trained professionals will do a consultation with the individual or couple in need. At the end of the consultation, we will provide the individual with personalized recommendations for their healing journey.

The majority of these recommendations will come from our list of Community Partners. Our Community Partners list is composed of mental health counselors, prayer ministries, food and clothing pantries, financial resources, and many other types of organizations. When you are in the thick of battle, the type of clarity and direction that a Personal Assessment provides can be invaluable!

Individuals will be able to schedule Personal Assessments for themselves and their families. Church staff, social workers, teachers, first responders, and others working within human services will be able to utilize this service for the populations they serve.

As we prepare to launch the Trauma Healing Center, you can help! Please pray that God will lead and direct individuals and organizations to partner with us in these efforts. We are looking for:

  1. People with shared values who want to be a part of our Community Partners. These people will be the foundation for the services we recommend to the Healing Center.

  2. Hospitality volunteers who will be available to help with the many in-house programs we will offer at the Healing Center when it is complete.

  3. Prayer support for healing within our community and abroad.

  4. Financial support to build and launch the Healing Center.

Please pray about where you might support the Personal Assessment program and the launching of the Trauma Healing Center here in Olathe.

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